I watched this show the other day and I have to say it is a good start. Brought by AMC TV Network, the same people who brought us my favorite show Breaking Bad and the interesting show The Walking Dead.

This shows explores the railroad construction during the 1860′s USA, that time means a lot of Red Indian interactions and a lot of violence. The show follows an individual who is seeking revenge, his wife was murdered and is set avenge her death

The show’s pilot was only 45 minutes whereas other shows bomb us with everything that have in 2 hours season pilots but this show started right. It is not great but from the first episode, you’d easily mistake it for a movie production, that is because the cinematography and effects are better than the usual average.

Maybe because it is the wild west and it reminds me of Red Dead Redemption, which was an amazing game, hopefully this show packs the same amount of amazement it does. For now, I’ll give this show a chance, it is promising but not great.