With the constant innovation of Xbox introducing the Kinect, redesigned system and the new Fall update, it is necessary to upgrade the accessories. The recently released Xbox 360 Wireless Headset with Bluetooth is designed for two things, your xbox so you chat and listen to others and you can use it as a bluetooth headset that is compatible with PC’s, phones, etc. There is a switch that enables which option you want to choose.

Now onto the actual use, it actually works but not as I had hoped, listening to people via chat and they listening to me sounds like we are all speaking underwater. The voices are heard but the quality is average and nowhere near the quality of the wired headset. In other words, there is no point for me to use this thing as its quality alters people’s voices, I wasn’t able to recognize a friend’s voice with this and vise versa.

Moving on to design, it is pretty yet the plastic piece around the ear though comfortable for a good hour can be irritating after. The fact that it is plastic is another annoyance as it is very fragile and will for sure break. There are no spare ones in the box either.

All in all, this device packs a good 8 hour battery life and offers you less voice quality for your xbox chatting and strangely enough, a similar performance on phones and PC’s as I have tested.

Buy now ($48.99)
note, in Kuwait its a whopping 17+ KD

The Good:
- Great Design.
- 8 Hours of Battery Life.
- 2 in 1.

The Bad:
- Not comfortable after a while.
- Sound Quality does not make the product worth buying.
- The piece surrounding the ear is a very fragile plastic.