Don’t worry, these weapons of mass destruction are indeed made to destroy, but much more on a minimal level and I’d call it a friendly WMD.

When I was a kid and I’m pretty sure you have gone through the same phase in schools where people created paper planes and moved on to create weapons that actually are designed to destroy others whether in a friendly manner or an evil one. I’m not encouraging it but I happen to be a target of these WMD’s when I was a child.

So there is this book called Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction and comes in two parts that explores and guides you to creating deadly weapons that are well crafted and seem to be very useful. They do take more effort than just folding a paper and throwing in a class, hinting that some preparation has to take place. While not useful for my age, I think this book is a worth one for the bored generation, if used in a friendly manner that is.
Book 1 ($10.98)
Book 2 ($10.98)
They are also available in Kindle Format.