So I featured this book about a week ago and I actually bought it, not knowing what it has in store. So to start with, this book contains all the amazing color scripts of all Pixar movies to date. These color scripts are like mood-boards, showcasing vivid colors and simplistic illustrations created using computers, pastels, ink, etc. Each page contains a set of images corresponding to the section titled with a Pixar’s movie name.

The art itself is unbelievable, such little detail yet so much amazement. Half of the book covers such comic-like strips covering over 150 pages and the rest are select art and concepts with equal the amount of pages. It is a huge book and you’d end up staring at each page as if you are reading a novel full of text.

The artwork itself is marvelous, drawn by a variety of artists with a unique style set to each. You will find yourself exploring the many styles of creating art.The book is also cheap considering it packs great print quality with thousands of artworks from the world’s best animation studio. I think this book is a great inspiration for all art enthusiasts out there and a true dedication to the fans of Pixar.

Buy now ($31.50)

The Good:
- Great Collection.
- Outstanding Art
- Inspirational.
- Great Print Quality.

The Bad:
- Artworks are small (some)