One huge annoyance for me is to wakeup every morning, turn off my phone’s charger only to check it again and again before I go, “maybe I didn’t”.

I guess that pretty much applies to all other gadgets and gadgets are the heart and soul of any geek, they can also burn your house down. Here’s a clever concept by designers DanBee Lee, JangSoo Kim, KyoYeon Kim and WooRi Kim where they created a wall socket that can be timed.

You no longer have to remember to stop charging any gadget because you start charging using a specific amount of time that you choose. It is pretty simple, turn the socket clockwise to start the timer or keep it as it is and it will charge like any other socket. This is conceptual but given the technology we have today and long ago, this is like a toaster’s timer, only it is applied to a wall.