Good Sunday Morning!

Ok, so this song isn’t new but its Sunday and well some of you might be feeling ‘ugh’ today (for lack of a better word to explain it).

If your in Kuwait then its the first work day of the week and you might be feeling a bit down at work, it might be the arrogant boss that won’t stop nagging or the co-worker with the IQ of a bennie bag that just got the promotion that you deserve. Either way, its time to cheer up and put life into perspective!

This song is the perfect ‘get me through the day’ remedy. Its called “Blame It On The Girls” by Mika

Ok I have to admit that a part of me is expecting that one day Im gonna show up for work and everyone in the office starts dancing in sync like this. Its gonna happen trust me.

So relax and enjoy… oh and I’m loving the pink suspenders! ;)