I believe the major success of any mobile game is retaining simplicity where a person can get into the game easily and close it at any instant. In contrast, other games tend to strip a console game and make it mobile friendly and therefore eliminating the mobile on-the-go quality. Anyway, Bike Baron is a beautiful game, it does not bring anything new to the genre but polishes it right.

You play as a biker, you accelerate, brake, lean back and forward on side-scrolling stages all rendered in beautiful 3D graphics. There are checkpoints in the game that make it handy for the more challenging levels.

This game also follows the Angry Birds trend where it is score based, anyone can finish the level but it takes extra skill to get all 3 stars. Visually it is beautiful and so are the sounds, but the main attraction is this game is the level editor.You can actually make your own stages and test them out real time and of course share them with people. Likewise, you will be able to download other people’s stages.

I think this game is simple, fun and though not a game changer but a good example of a polished game.

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The Good:
- Solid Gameplay.
- Great Physics.
- Good Graphics.
- Amazing Level-Editor.

The Bad:
- A very familiar genre.
- No built in User-generated level browser.