I love photography. I’ve been addicted to my cameras ever since my first Polaroid.

Well, its been over 15 years since then and I’d like to think that I’ve advanced my skills. One think is for sure, my cameras have definitely advanced and so has their size. So finding the right camera bag is really important.

I’ve had at least 10 different camera bags over the years but my favorite has got to be the Kata DT-Bags.

One of the great features of these bags is that they are very light weight and they can be worn in different ways. When the camera is not going to be used, you can carry the bag on your back like a normal bag. but when you want to start shooting, you can wear the bag in the front so you have easy access to the camera at all times.

They even come with a plastic waterproof cover to protect your gear from the rain.

The DT-bags come in two models:

DT-211: The smaller of the two packs is the one I personally chose. It was the perfect size for my Canon 7D with the mid sized lens as well as a macro lens and external flash, it also has an external pocket for the CF cards.

DT-213: This is the larger pack for those with a larger lens or more accessories.


You can purchase the bags using this link to Amazon.