Fruit Ninja to me and pretty much to most, is one of the few games that defined the iOS devices as gaming Platforms. Like Angry Birds, which such a big name, interested companies join up to further sell the product and by that I mean making a new game based on/for a movie, such as Angry Birds Rio, and now this. I’m not found of the idea of having a whole movie based on Puss on Boots in the first place, to me it was a great addition to Shrek but it just has to stop.

This new Fruit Ninja isn’t exactly a sequel, it pretty much takes the name and slaps it on top with a few additions. You get your normal modes you’d expect with an addition of challenges made specifically for this game. Challenges like, slice only bananas, or oranges, etc. and there are challenges where fruits fall as certain patterns sometimes simplifying the game and other times making it more challenging. It is an interesting addition but not that worthy to me.

This game hasn’t  got the spark that the original had and for fact was made for the movie, as if that wasn’t obvious already. I felt the game was rather taking a detour here and hopefully we’d get to see a true sequel rather than making easy money of a game’s formula that was already there.

Download iPhone App $0.99
Download iPad App $1.99

The Good:
- Plays like Fruit Ninja.
- Interesting challenges.

The Bad:
- Replay value is lacking.
- Lack of online mode.
- Challenges are repetitive.