So is this Batman game the best Batman game? yes .. and is it the best superhero game? indeed. The game will blow your mind, no other games puts you in the foot of a superhero like this game. The previous game Arkham Asylum was great but this game is just too good. In this game you play in a much bigger place, it is filled with bad people and just about every Batman villain you could imagine and they intersect beautifully in a very well polished story.

If you played the first game, then you would not feel alienated to this and if you are new, you are in luck everything about the first that is in this game will feel brand new. The game is set in an open world, you have main missions and side quests and frankly they are very interesting too, there are not your typical ones. The game gives you a wide variety of gadgets that help you solve simple puzzles, beat enemies and navigate your way around. The controls are solid and the combat system though simple is one of the best I ever played.

The story is very engaging and some sections are very cinematic which makes you feel you are actually playing a really well-written Batman movie. The voice acting is amazing, Joker, Penguin, and of course Batman sound great.

Graphically the game does not set a new standard in the gaming industry but it is well polished and beautiful. Lighting is very cool and little things like Batman “living” face no matter the situation is amazing. One major thing about the game which is similar to the first is that your Bat suit will be cut from here and there as you progress in the game adding an amazing element of “wow-ism”.

Though this is a Bat adventure, you will get to play briefly with Catwoman and she too has her own gadgets and she though looks different, the gameplay experience is similar to that of Batman.

All in all, stop playing the lousy game you’re playing and get Batman!

The Good:
- Very Cinematic.
- Good Graphics.
- Powerful story and acting.
- Solid Combat.
- Engaging.

The Bad:
- Lack of innovation over the last game.
- The city is small.