I’m not trying to start a war here, but whatever platform your interested in, you have to agree that Siri on the iPhone 4S is something unique and quite revolutionary. It might not be a new technology but it is sure an improved one. Siri is smart when you talk clearly, it can also be very smart and humorous. I love Siri, it reminds me of Portal (the game) AI computer.

Of course, any AI has its hiccups but this AI is truly smart from what I’ve seen from various videos on the web. Though there are many demonstrations of Siri, here’s a unique video by Jonathan Mann, who creates music everyday and he’s the one who got his video featured on last year’s iPhone 4 antenna-gate conference if you recall.

So anyway, he decided to make a duet with Siri and the result is quite funny. I’m not found of his singing or the video quality, I advise you to focus on Siri’s responses.