As if this art wasn’t already fantastic enough to make your jaw drop, wait till you find out how old the artist is, or should I say how young!

The creative mind behind these beautiful portraits is Mahdi Chowdhury, a Canadian artist who is only 14 years old. No thats not a typo I did say 14 as in 10 plus 4.

I saw his work on Behance and I was so fascinated by it that I had to find out more about the artist so you can imagine my surprise when I read how old he was on his profile page.

These absolutely amazing digital illustrations were created by the young artist with a very unique style. The way he uses the swirls in the art adds a whole new feel to how portraits are usually done.

Mahdi is incredibly talented and creates his artworks “for a hobby”. I really hope he pursues a career in art or design when he gets older.

To view more of his work visit his Behance page here.