This movie has been on my radar for quite a while now, mainly because it stars Rowan Atkinson, an actor that is full of humor and has been making us laugh though out our childhood through his character Mr. Bean. I was excited to see the movie and one thing I had in mind is that the movie will be very funny. The last Johnny English movie came out back in 2003 and I really liked it. Unfortunately, this movie did not live to its hype, I’m not saying it is bad but it is okay.

The movie plot is very simple and predictable, an idiot agent catches the bad guy and gets loved by a blonde girl, to some extent it is funny as this whole idea comes by making a whole parody of James Bond. It is funny but gets old quite often. There are a few enjoyable jokes and many questionable ones thrown in the mix. Rowan Atkinson remains himself in this movie and his sense of humor makes the movie stand on its feet.

The movie starts off very slow and gradually descends into limbo then is awakened by a funny joke then it goes back again. That is the thing about this movie, the story is shallow and therefore the audience’s tension is only focused on the funny part of the movie. That said, there are cool action sequences but nothing out of the ordinary nor better than the first movie. I did quite enjoy a few comedy scenes and found the story bare able but nowhere near interesting.

All in all, the movie was funny but nothing unique or overly memorable, it was fun to some extent.

The Good:
- Rowan Atkinson is funny.
- Funny Jokes.

The Bad:
- Shallow plot.
- A familiar story.
- Slow paced.