What, wahh! Ok, that was me when I was excited and not so much at the same time. Mass Effect may be not something I usually bombard people with and that is because I don’t want to spoil the game for myself, it is one of my favorite games ever. It is just about the only game that you feel the person you control is your hero, its not a sponge or superhero, all thanks to the amazing story telling and choice making.

So adding multiplayer to a solid game is a little weird, turns out its only co-op missions designed to be played up to 4 players.

I usually hate these co-op missions because they spoil the single player experience, sometimes they take you to destinations where you haven’t reached yet in the single player.

But, this is quite different, playing co-op is additional to the single player, not only you earn XP, it actually affects the story! That has never been done before and that is certainly something I’m looking forward to. The game comes out March 2012.