TV Show pilots to me are like job interviews, a show has to impress and grab the attention of the viewer so that he/she will keep watching. Terra Nova is a show that I was looking forward to, a show about dinasours reminds us of the cool Jurassic Park days. So, the story is simple, earth is decaying, people can have limited children and live in war torn earth or they can transport on a one-way ticket millions of years ago to the dinosaur age and have a fresh start. You just can’t start fresh with dinosaurs around.

A family of a father, mother, son and two daughters are the center of the story and you see them struggle in the settlement called “Terra Nova”. So far the 1 hour and 30 minutes episode was ok but I’m not sure if I’d still watch it, it has an interesting concept but nothing is particularly that interesting to get me to be psyched to keep watching it.

I’m also very picky, this is millions of years ago and yet some people have a very clean shave, ok maybe they got it from earth. The thing about this show is that it reminds me so much of Falling Skies, a show where I just disliked and gave a chance and never got around finishing the season. Terra Nova on the other hand is a lot more polished and seems to have something up its sleeve, or at least I hope.