Rage is a game which I’ve heard about years ago and never got interested in, even when the in-gameg videos of the game debuted, I still considered the game to be somewhat boring. Boredom has got hold of me again lately so I had to buy a game and Rage was it. Let me start off by reminding you that this game is produced by ID software which brought us the Doom series and they are the creators of the fps genre. The game to start off is a visual masterpiece, it is unlike anything you will ever see, an expansive canvas that has you gaze at a single crack on a wall while mutants feast on you.

Let me give you a quick rundown of the game, it plays well, it is an action shooter with RPG elements, you walk around get tasks and your mannequin character obeys. That brings us to the story which is heavily shallow and lacks an interesting background or even any interesting climaxes. The story leaves no engagement at all which to many including me is an essential part of a game. You arrive at earth after it has been destroyed by an asteroid and somehow you are everyone’s hero and you are willing to kill for people you just met. Leaving that aside, the game features solid shooting and solid driving vehicular gameplay. Rage has a pattern, get task, do it then report back and that is expected from video games but such a genre has been been implemented in a better form than this, repetition is no one’s friend.

Shooting in the game is extremely satisfying, you get a set of weapons that can be upgraded, interesting friendly bots and other useful equipment. The gameplay and shooting sections are the strongest point leaving all other sections of the game just plain boring, they are empty, they kinda want to be an RPG but it more like a marathon towards finding your next objective. While shooting is satisfying, the gun sounds are soo high pitched that I actually fear that my speakers will get damaged from.

As I said earlier, this game is a visual masterpiece. I have never played a game where each wall of all rooms are carefully crafted. Pipes, cracks, sand, water, dust, graffiti, etc. It is hard to explain the amazement behind it and such graphics can’t be seen on videos because I myself was not impressed by videos till I played the game. It truly has no match, you may be a very focused person on playing, but this game might actually make you rather die in a game just to look at it even more.

Rage hast it’s problems. Graphically is amazing but almost unplayable unless the disc is installed (all 3 of them! on Xbox), and yet you are still presented with occasional late textures. Furthermore, these is no map in the game, you don’t know where you are going sometimes and that leaves me frustrated. I think Rage is a great game but it could have done better at being a straight-out shooter without the RPG as it is very minor and just adds extra hours of wondering in a wasteland that is packed with pretty much … nothing.

The Good:
- Solid Gameplay.
- Mind-Blowing Graphics.
- Great Weaponry.
- Good voice acting.

The Bad:
- Shallow Story.
- No Map.
- Late Textures.
- Too Vehicular-focused.
- The sun never sets!