Star Wars is a franchise that needs no introduction, it has been milked into all sorts of merchandise and frankly I don’t mind, you can have a sloppy vader plush and still love it. The first impression a person gets from any form of entertainment is actually the cover, even though we are told not to judge a book by its cover, movie posters always give us a glimpse of whats to come, call it a teaser.

So, Freaking News website which makes photoshop contests has created a contest for everyone to participate in taking movie posters and adding Star Wars in the mix. The results are created by several artists and they are hilarious.

The Wall-E one cracked me up, not because I love the movie but it kinda works. That also applies to Alice in Wonderland, Depp’s hair matches to that of Chewbakka. For more entries to the contest click here.