No matter what gaming console you prefer, you have to admit, the Kinect on Xbox 360 changed the way games are played and most importantly hints at greater things to come. While the Kinect library of games is shallow, I did feel it is a technology that needs to be used more than just gaming. Thankfully, the new update coming this fall will impress you.

Besides the redesigned look, you will be able yo navigate the dashboard with body gestures and your voice. You pause and rewind movies as if you are in minority report, well not quite but still amazing. Xbox has proved to be more than just a gaming device and with this new update comes a far more greater thing, that is TV.

A lot of TV networks will be available this fall for you to watch, your Xbox is no longer a gaming console, it is truly an entrainment device. Sadly, I know this is USA-only content and we’re gonna get “not available from your current location”, oh well, I guess there’s always a way around it.