To start of, this video is a very well crafted production created for the Muslim call for prayers. TV channels usually have different approaches but are all indeed very challenging to create mainly because it is a video that will be aired 5 times per day, every day and it is important to keep the video watchable over and over, of course for those interested.

One particular and creative video is Kuwait TV’s latest athan prayer production created by Firas J.Ershead and his crew from Dubai. The video is distinctively unique, the whole artistic design with sharp edges and overall look of crystalized architecture.

The video’s colors are very bright and they create a great atmosphere for the whole video. You don’t have to be a Muslim to get the video, it just looks great. However, if you are a Muslim keep a look out for hidden things that reference stories Muslims should know.

Concept & Design
Sound design
Firas J.Ershead

Ghazal modeling
Taha Hasan

Ghazal animation
Talal Bardouka

Athan performed by
Sheikh Ahmed Trabelsi

7spro team
Saad Alqahtani
Talal Alenzi

aiproducins team
Wissam Trodi
Nour Almasri