To be on the safe side, this is my impression of the Xbox 360 version of the game which performance wise is the least among the two other platforms, PC and PS3. It does not take an effort to realize that we have been bombarding our readers with everything Battlefield. I’m a huge Battlefield fan and I got to play the Beta 2 days ago and I have to say I’m awfully disappointed.

Why you might ask? to me the game has nothing from Battlefield, especially from the Bad Company series. That won’t be a bad thing till I realized the game took a steep step behind, what made a great game has certainly gone the opposite direction. So in order to fully give you my impression, I’d like to compare this game to its amazing predecessor, Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The beta features one map that stretches from an open garden, to a metro and finally into a little city, pretty much everything.

My first impression as the first game started was awfully disappointed. Visually, it was a disaster, glitchy, many late textures and a huge glitch which causes the screen to flash. So I started playing again and again, nothing like I expected, the shooting was average and the thing is Battlefield is known to make weapons authentic, when you move you feel as if you are actually holding a gun and not a magic wand, sadly, this game felt magic wand-dish and shooting did not feel intense.

Digging deeper into the gameplay which mainly relies on the shooting, it got boring quickly not because it is not as good as Bad Company but because shooting is not rewarding, by that I mean, you don’t feel as if you are shooting, you don’t know how you died and you certainly can’t tell if you actually killed someone unless you read on the screen that you killed someone, thanks to the amazing glitches on players that makes it hard to see, “is he dead?”. I stabbed someone and he flew in the air briefly as if his arms and legs were stretched in different directions. I’m also disappointed that the health in the game has taken a shortcut and you die quickly in comparison to Bad Company 2. In Bad Company 2, facing 2 or more people in front of you does not mean you are doomed, you have a chance, in Battlefield 3, almost whoever spots you first kills you.

Another major factor of the series is the graphics and again nothing like before, destruction is kept minimum, the draw-distance is slaughtered, too many late textures and tons of glitchy graphics. Moreover, explosions seem to be toned down a lot, grenades used to create a blast, this one seems to have the blast of a paintball grenade.

I do however like a very particular thing and that is the animation system. People run realistically, when someone next to you shoots you feel the impact of him/her shooting. Jumping over ledges and stuff is amazing as well.

Furthermore, I do like the sounds in the game as well but again, nothing like Bad Company 2. The sounds of the guns are cool but you quickly realize they kind of sound very similar, more like an automated stapler.

All in all, I do realize this is the beta and it did not feature any vehicles which is Battlefield’s strongest factor and I do realize Xbox 360 has its limits, but I wish I was wrong, I poped in Bad Company 2 in my Xbox and if I was not told, that does not look like a 2009 game, it is mind blowing from every angle, so Battlefield 3 should at least perform like it. I will be buying the game and I hope such issues are fixed, truth is, the game comes out in less a month and I’m not sure anything can be done.