As soon as you read the app name there is no doubt you’re like everyone else thinking, what is that and that’s exactly why I purchased the game. The game is very simple in concept, you feed monsters condos in a very addictive and energetic game. The gameplay mechanic is simple, imagine Jenga and Tetris married, and to some extent this game is their child.

Minus the hard challenges, you get a stack of condos piling up, 1 monster stands to the left and another to the right, the condos are colored and you have to swipe off the condos to the direction of the monster with the correct color. If you stack up 3 or more condos of the same color you get more points, of course you have to keep the tower intact otherwise it collapses and you lose.

So all in all, its the point system and mechanics from Tetris and stacking feature from Jenga and that is not a bad thing. One strong point and actually very obvious is the quirky artistic style that is dazzling and the music in the game though loud, keeps the gameplay pumping and I actually like it a lot, it adds a lot to the gameplay. There isn’t anything else you can do in the game but its a high score-based game and it is so good.

Download iOS App $0.99 approx 0.280 KD

The Good:
- Strong visual design.
- Fun gameplay.
- Beautiful song and FX.
- Amazing character design.

The Bad:
- Needs different background variety.