It does not take much effort to guess that this game is about an island which all the sudden something happens and everyone you know is now a zombie. Yes the zombie genre has been exhausted but the developers of this game have definitely brought something very new to the genre. Yes you still kill zombies in such a bloody manner but the whole game is actually an RPG.

You are free to roam a whole island which has beautiful beaches, a town, a jungle and what is an RPG without sewers, and yes they have them too. The whole place is swarming with zombies and the whole concept of the game is simple, you need to survive and you do that by helping others, you get tasks and you being the super human you are, you obey.

The gameplay in the game is its strongest point, the place is huge and slaying zombies has never been that exciting, you use various weapons like sticks, pipes, guns and everything you’d find laying around. These tools can be upgraded and will be damaged over time, this adds a level of realism to the game. the zombies are varied and hitting them with different tools has different effects, like for instance I cut off a zombie’s arms and he started head banging me and that goes to the clever AI, these zombies are smart.

The story almost feels unnecessary mostly because it seems to be thrown in with the mix and the cutscenes in the game really do not help. Graphiclly, the game is amazing, an open world with great graphics in most areas, zombies look realistic to some extent and the environment is varied and very detailed.

One of the strongest points of the game is that you can play it up to 4 people either before hand or during the game. I would be playing and all the sudden a username will pop in saying a player is close to the area you are in and you may join him/her, and if I join the game does not shut down, I just proceed with the person I’m playing with.

Though fun from every angle and stress-relieving, this game has its flaws. I do like the animations but they seem to take a shortcut, I was expecting different animations and better close up combat. There are also times when the game freezes for 1-2 seconds and when entering a new area the textures load in gradually. That said, the game’s loading has to be the fastest I ever seen.

One thing you should keep in mind, this game is very bloody and violent and should not played or even seen by children. But if you are old enough and zombies are your thing, this is the best zombie game experience you’ll get.

The Good:
- Great Graphics.
- Engaging Gameplay
- FUN!
- Amazing Co-op experience.
- 20+ hour main mission game.

The Bad:
- Shallow Story.
- Occasional Slow-Downs.
- Some missions are too boring.