The wait is over, Gears of War 3 is here! After playing the game we are here to bring you our thoughts and overall impression of the full version of the game. In short, the game takes place 2 years after the fall of Jacinto back on Gears 2 and it turns out that Marcus Fenix’s father is alive and you search for him throughout the game. The game plays exactly like its predecessor with minor change but overall is very polished unlike Gears of War 2 which to many felt like it was just unfinished.

Since Gears 2 brought a lot of new features to the game, Gears did not add much aside from new weapons and executions, the developers focused on polishing the game and ensuring that it lasts like Gears of War 1 which is still played by many even today. So the campaign is filled with beautiful scenery and the new engine of the game does a really great job at lighting and effects; however since Gears 1 was already too good when it was released, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of improvement that took place, regardless some sections will have your jaws drop. For people that played Gears before, this is more like chapter 3, it isn’t a leap forward but a very good step ahead.

Back to the game, the single player is quite fun, its run gun and a whole roller coaster ride, it could be the best in the series but Gears 2 to me had more of a variety when it came to bringing very interesting vehicular sections but in Gears 3 they are minimal. The dialoge in the game is sometimes lame but a lot of the times is funny, especially when the Cole Train comments. This game has a more dramatic approach compared to previous ones but most dramatic scenes are sometimes funny, something I don’t think the developers were trying to achieve. You’ll quickly find yourself saying, seriously? why did he not do that instead!

The new enemies in the game manages to keep the game fresh and the AI in the game while has hiccups remains very strong, but the game is ridiculously easy even on Hardcore difficulty but is quite better on multiplayer. A lot of people will be playing this game for hours, even “Green” agrees with me that this game has to be the most intense one, when you kill you feel very relieved, and when killed you feel that the whole world collapsed on you, and let me tell you, only great games create such an impact. One of my minor remarks regarding the multiplayer is that the stages are really tiny and many parts of the single player could have been used instead.

This is an Xbox 360 exclusive that just should not be missed.

The Good:

- Great Graphics and Lighting.
- Intense Multiplayer.
- Solid Gameplay.
- Great Presentation.

The Bad:
- Online stage design is not great.
- Number of online stages are few.
- Hardcore mode is easy!
- Dramatic scenes are funny.