Sign me up for this I am ready to go!

Just as long as I can get a guarantee that I wont end up being squished like a fly on a windshield.

The daredevil that looks like he’s having the time of his life under that helmet is Jeb Corliss, a professional windsuit flyer who apparently doesn’t understand the concept of fear.

His suit looks like a mix between batman and a flying squirrel.

Make sure you check out the part where he almost decapitates the guy with the camera and balloons who was standing on the mountain.

The scenery is amazing, if I ever had to jump off a mountain with a 90% chance of slamming into the ground at unbearable speeds, I’d want to do it looking at a view like that.

Side Note: The soundtrack to the video isn’t what I’d normally listen to but its really growing on me.