I’ve wanted to post about this site for a while now. Its a local Kuwaiti online store called The Little Joy Shop.

We’ve previously posted about some items we liked from Photojojo, and getting them to Kuwait takes time but we were overjoyed when we found out that a lot of our favorite products are being sold locally through this site.

But the site has a lot more to offer than just photography related items, if your a baker you’ll find a full section dedicated to your baking needs, and theres also a decorating section, with a lot of interesting items.

We will highlight some of our favorite items from the site. Sadly, a lot of the items we liked were sold out so we’ve featured the ones that are available.

Its clear that a lot of effort and love went into choosing the items they offer and we wish them the best of luck.

Side Note: Click on the image title to take you to the product page.

Foot In The Door

This little rubber heel shaped door stopper is perfect for when you need to keep a door open. Not only is it practical but its also stylish.

Price: KD 4.250

Canon Zoom Lens Mug

Product Description
Whats a better way to drink then out of a lens! 70-200mm white lens has a travel lid to keep your drinks warm. Its made of a plastic body with stainless steel lining, and holds 16 oz of liquid.

Price: KD 14.000

Spilt Milk Cereal Bowl

This cleverly designed bowl brings a bit of joy to your mornings. Its made of soft flexible silicone, and measures: 6 inch diameter x 3 inches tall.

Price: KD 11.000

Baby Pink Pantone Mug

Im a design freak so this pink pantone mug (10 oz) was definitely one of my favorites. I love its simplicity and in design sometimes less is more which applies here.

Price: KD 4.500