I’ve been hearing about this game for quite a while and was hyped to play it considering it was getting great reviews and I just beat the game and am here to tell you about it. The game is firstly set in 2027 where bionic enhancements for people improve their well being, the place you work in was attacked and research was gone, your objective throughout the game is to uncover what, why and who was behind all of this this and surely, put an end to it.

The game is an first-person RPG game with action elements, you still get your walking around exploring and talking to people but none of these seemed essential, to be frank, I can imagine the game being just an action/stealth game with no RPG elements. That is because the dialogue and voice acting is okay but not great and sometimes too irritating that you’d battle yourself not to skip. It is true, no game comes to the dialogue system implemented in Mass Effect but Deus Ex is okay never the less.

Gameplay-wise, that would be the strongest point, the shooting is great and stealth elements are incorporated very well. One exciting feature of the game is that it is a first person game but when you take cover, the camera switches to third person giving you extra awareness of your surrounding. Since it is an RPG, expect a lot of upgrades to health, armor, special abilities, etc. That said, the health system in the game is too difficult to bare, a single shot might kill you or take your health down quickly on normal difficulty and its regeneration time is ridiculously long even when upgrade.

As for the graphics part, it is mostly great, places like a little city in China has a lot of interesting details here and there but most of the game takes cues from around the same style, mainly industrial and for some reason, it is always night time. There isn’t a strong role playing factor of the game that makes it as so, the places you go to are similar and a lot of it takes place in enemy territory where you either hide from enemies or decide to be a super hero and try to kill them all. For some reason, almost all places you go to are either mostly orange or mostly green.

Though I did say a lot that I do not like about the game, it was a fun action game, I enjoyed playing it and I wouldn’t say I could overlook its problems but it was fun anyway.

The Good:
- Great Gameplay.
- Good Graphics.
- Engaging cutscenes.
- Beautiful architecture in some sections.

The Bad:
- Un-engaging story.
- Too much hacking!
- Graphical color palette is limited to orange.
- Health regeneration is slow.
- Boss battles are too challenging.