I consider myself to be an avid photographer, I love reading books on photography and getting new ideas as well as learning new techniques in photography. Theres so much to learn and its never enough.

One big part of that love for photography is surrounding myself with inspiration and no photographer has inspired me more than the incredible Peter Lik. I first stumbled upon one of his galleries more than 8 years ago in Las Vegas and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Peter Lik is an Australian self-taught photographer with a love for life and nature. His work is phenomenal and none have matched his skill, well thats my opinion.

But dont just take my word for it. His photographs are so full of beauty and wonder that he has sold more than 200 million dollars worth of photography!

Now if that doesn’t inspire you than I don’t know what will. Its not just about the money its the fact he took a hobby and turned it into so much more, now he gets to do what he loves gets paid for doing it, what more can a person ask for?