Imagine a game with physics similar to Cut the Rope and an art style similar to Xbox Live Arcade game, Limbo, imagine no further, this game is here and it is called Contre Jour. This game does not copy any game out there, it is entirely original and ridiculously fun. The objective of the game is to get a little creature from point A to point B and your finger is your arsenal, you deform the environment as if it was made out of clay in order to move this creature.

After moving, you collect orbs for maximum points and reach point B where you complete the level. The game allows you you use ropes, slings and even portals in a very challenging and puzzling way, it is unique and is a must have.

The artist style starting with the character is amazing, if you keep him for a while he starts to sleep and when you tangle him with ropes he gives you that look, it is so amazing that such a simple character can have such a personality in a simple silhouette. The environments are so amazing, its all shades of a single color with only the orbs being blue and all that is supported by lovely blue orbs. If puzzle games are your thing, then this game is a must have.

Download iOS App ($2.99) approx. 0.810 KD

The Good:
- Amazing Gameplay.
- Intuitive.
- Beautiful Music.
- Amazing Design.

The Bad:
- Can be very challenging.