iBlast Moki 2 is the second installment of a great game. Looking at the images was more than enough reason to buy the app and I wasn’t disappointed.

Your goal is to get the Moki to the portal using the items given to you such as bombs to blast them in a certain direction or balloons and rope to fly them to a desired location.

The characters are very cute, with a unique personality for each stage, and the levels are diverse with canyons and valleys and even underwater maps.

The more you advance in the game the better it gets. The levels are beautifully designed and its clear that a lot of effort and thought went into creating the unique puzzles for each stage. Though there are times when the puzzles get too complex and you end up getting frustrated instead of enjoying the experience.

One of the great features in this game is the ability to create your own levels and share them with your friends, sort of like Little Big Planet. My only issue with this is that the interface is too complex and it isn’t user friendly.

That said, the game is still fun to play and its a huge improvement over its predecessor. This truly is a sequel to iBlast Moki and not just an upgrade.

Download the iPhone app. $0.99 (KD 0.270)
Download the iPad app. $2.99 (KD 0.815)



The Good:
- Beautifully Designed Levels
- Gorgeous Graphics
- Fun Gameplay

The Bad:
- Some Levels Are Frustrating
- The Level Creator Is Too Complicated