Mugs and I have a history, wherever I go and see a nice mug, I just buy it and it sits in my room and catches dust, the thing is, I still buy mugs and I think this Mario mug is no exception. We’ve played the games and loved them and we all know how the game has been marketed on pretty much everything, an italian plumber was even a sock at some point.

Anyway, this cool looking mug that is inspired by the pipes that are featured on Mario levels where some had plants in them. Luckily this mug does not come with one but comes with complimentary coasters and magnets that that add to the whole look.

The build quality looks plasticky and not very convenient for my coffee, would be useful for cold drinks or sit somewhere with a plant in it. the mug alone costs $34 (9.250 KD) and bit extra with the coasters and you can get it here.