Despite what we believe in, we can all agree that mosques are an open canvas for phenomenal architecture and this mosque exceeds that. Created by Abu Dhabi based architecture company called BEAD Architects & Engineers, this mosque called “Beach Mosque” defies everything we are used to in regular mosques. Mosques don’t have requirements on how to be built but architects just recreate the same design over and over but not with this design.

The overall look of this place is more holy than ever, reminds me of Mayans and Aztects and huge their huge temples. Design-wise, it is kept minimalist with a lovely addition of calligraphy. The garden up front has 5 pillars which highlights the 5 pillars of Islam. The place is very pretty and I love the dome that is inverted, again defying what we know of mosques. Though amazing, this is still in conceptual form and I really hope it gets built.