Kare Frandsen is one of those people that take everyday things, make more use of them and make them pretty, its not just design, Kare puts a lot of care on usability.

One of Kare’s interesting projects is this fruit basket which is hanged through a wire/rope from the ceiling, not only it adds a whole lot of beautify to the living room, it gets rid of a common problem where traditional baskets contain lots of fruits and a lot of them lie underneath each other, making them rot over time, we can’t see them and end up throwing them.

I believe this amazing design, which comes in multiple colors, is a perfect example where art meets practicality. I have a little problem with the basket as it opens vertically, I wish the whole shape had some sort of little opening somewhere you know just like that Star Wars planet with a dent thing.

You may purchase the fruit basket here.