Whenever a classic car is remade, the makers tend to inflate the car rather than stick to its roots and luckily enough, this brand new Cadillac Ciel concept, is a classic-looking car created in the present day. I love Cadillacs because they keep some of they sharp edged corners on their cars and add a modern touch, I also love their front and rear light designs and I have to say, the Ciel is amazing! The name Ciel means “Sky” in French and the choice of name is really to the point where as you can see, it’s a convertible.

It is very clear that Cadillac is entering a more elegant and Luxurious chapter in its car models and the Ciel looks like the best way to start. The car, has 4 doors and it is one of those cars that are spacious meaning you can actually sit in the back seat and your legs won’t be squished under the seat in front of you.

As soon as I saw the car, the only thing I could think of was I bet that this car will be featured on music videos of a “particular” kind. The look of the car is amazing from every angle and the interior is a cross between classic and modern, it even has internet access. This project/car was lead by Niki Smart as the lead exterior designer and Buzyn for the interior development.