I found this interesting video about a TED conference in which Jamil Abu-Wardeh talks about comedy in the Middle East and how we have to learn to “laugh at ourselves before the world can laugh with us” and how “we need to take our responsibilities seriously but not ourselves” I agree 100 percent.

Its been a difficult time for the Middle East and we are torn by war and despair but we aren’t what the media portrays us to be. the actions of a few does not represent the many. Most of us are against the acts of violence but media loves controversy so in the eye of the world we are all “bombers, billionaires, and belly dancers” as Jamil so aptly phrased it.

Jamil Abu-Wardeh jump-started the comedy scene in the Arab world by creating the Axis of Evil Middle East Comedy Tour, which brought Middle Eastern standup comedians from the West to delighted audiences all over the Arab region.
Laughter is universal and a great means to unite different cultures and promote understanding.

Side Note: The first video is from the TED conference and the other two videos are from the insanely funny Maz Jobrani (from the Axis of Evil).