Toy Soldiers Cold War is the sequel to last years game Toy Soldiers available on Xbox Live Arcade as a digital download. I did not play the first much but I have on the second one. If you haven’t heard of the game before, basically it is a tower defense game taking place in a big toys box and for this year it is themed with the Cold War.

In the game, you must protect your toy box, you do this by building defenses consisting of cannons, machine guns, anti-artirelly and so on and you get to upgrade them and repair them when needed. The twist in the game is that you don’t just build and watch, you can click on any defense and mount it and it is loads of fun. The game also adds another layer of fun where you can control toy tanks and helicopters that stop functioning when their battery is dead.

The whole concept of the game is really good but the artistic style does not really serve the toy-look. The soldiers look real, so does the vehicles, the game would have been so much visually appealing if you controlled plastic toys, you know like those green soldiers we came to love as children. Regardless, the game looks visually amazing for an arcade game and it is packed with fun.

Though great the game falls a little short with levels as there is only a handful when such a successful game should have more. It is worth mentioning that the game also features an online head-to-head mode where you can attack and defend against your enemy, unlike the campaign which only has you defend. That said, the amount of lag was too much to the point where I can’t even begin to pretty much do anything in the game, the servers really need to be worked out.

The Good:
- Nice Concept.
- Great Gameplay.
- Cool Graphics.
- Very destructive environments.

The Bad:
- I dislike the music.
- Laggy online mode.
- Few Levels.