I’m pretty sure we all have seen this cafe in Kuwait at 360 mall due to its distinctive location and pretty design. What I did not know is that this design was created by the very talented Jassim Al-Shehab, whereas I initially thought with such a franchise the design kind of came with it. Anyway, I’ve been very fond of the design of this place even though it is surrounded by two other cafes since this stands out the most.

This is due mainly to the color choice where Jassim suggests that he placed a brief yellow line because people are usually drawn to it and I believe he has a great point. Another great aspect of the design is the use of the white textured material that adds a level of elegance as well as the wood which no one can ever go wrong with it when used in minimal form. That and the choice of colors make up the main look of this place a very interesting project.


I kept searching for more about Jassim or his work but I couldn’t find anything apart from his other project “TATAMI” Japanese Restaurant which is also located in Kuwait.