NyxQuest is new to the App store but has been around for over a year back on Wii and PC. The game borrows the story of Icarus and in this game you play his lover Nyx (Greek Godess) who after his disappearance decides to descent to earth and find him. The game is a 3D side scroller, you move left, right and you have the ability to fly which is more like jumping but up to 5 times per jump.

The interesting part to the core gameplay is that they incorporated touch controls along with directional pads, the game does not have you hack and slash but is more of a puzzler, where you move objects out of the way to proceed. Some objects require dragging and others holding all to aid the journey of Nyx.

This is the part where I have a problem with the game, it is fun but the combination of 2 control schemes in one is interesting but problematic. Due to the huge side of directional pad buttons, sometimes you’re trying to grab objects that are overlapped by the pads and sometimes it feels like a too complicated experience when you have to drag objects while you use your directional pads.

Moving on, the game has a really nice artistic style though it is not varied, it is always a desert with ruins and the music in the game isn’t entirely satisfying. A lot of people will like this game as it is not your average stripped down games on the App store which features 12 long stages that will have you probably playing for hours.

For me, I found the game very interesting but too empty at the same time, yes the game progresses but the atmosphere and gameplay itself was not enough for me to keep me going. If you’re unsure whether to get it or not, they have a Lite version on the App store which you can try out.

Download iPhone App ($3.99) approx. 1.08KD
Download iPad App ($4.99) approx. 1.350KD
Download Lite version (FREE)

The Good:
- Nice Graphics.
- Good Story.
- Light and Fun puzzles.
- Lengthy.

The Bad:
- Gets boring too quickly.
- Feels empty.
- Pads and touch controls get in the way of each other.