This game gives me goose bumps, I have watched the trailers over and over again and the game is almost here. At first I was not sure how this game will stand with Modern Warfare 3, as much as I love that game, change always wins. Call of Duty uses the same engine with tweaks every time and makes a game every 2 years and the only difference in terms of gameplay is more perks and more perks whereas Battlefield aims for the authentic experience with limitless fun and constant improvement.

I get bored of games very often, Battlefield Bad Company 2 had me playing for countless hours and even though it is a 2009 game, it looks and plays better than Black Ops.

I love both games but Battlefield is a game changer. The thing I love most about this game is that they always manage to create a balanced game experience, where a tank does not overpower a man on foot and vise versa, that is if you know what to do.