Based on a PC/Mac game, Anomaly Warzone Earth is a very interesting take on tower defense games where it takes the same principles of the genre but puts them in reverse. The game quickly caught my eye as I saw it on the app store with its gorgeous graphics and I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

The game takes place in Baghdad in a futuristic era where the land is occupied by alien forces, mainly cannons. You start the game by selecting types of vehicles, like tanks, cannons, etc. then select a route for you to cross the stage. When your fellow squad is moving, they will shoot at enemies that are on the way.

Your objective is to survive. You do this by killing enemies which grants you power ups like smoke, repairing, etc. The game’s artistic direction is very beautiful, the rendered Baghdad scenes look really amazing for an iOS device.
The whole game is fun and is overall a very well polished package. The gameplay is intuitive with a lot of improvement to look forward to on each level. I did enjoy playing it and if you are a tower defense person then it is definitely worth getting.

Download iPhone App (1.99) approx. 0.550 KD
Download iPad App (3.99) approx. 1.100 KD

The Good:
- Great Graphics.
- Fun Gameplay.
- Good Narrative.
- Well polished and Engaging.
- Beautiful Music.

The Bad:
- Needs more variety in environments.