This gorgeous structure is known as a sustainable waterscraper resort .

It was designed by Orlando De Urrutia Architecture as a self sustaining building inspired by (you guessed it), “a drop of water falling from the heights”.

The structure looks like something out of this world, to say that its beautiful would be a shameful understatement. But looks isn’t all that the building as to offer.

It’s designed to be a self sustaining building, and this is where it gets really interesting. The structure design provides a means for integrating the renewable energy by capturing solar energy to provide electricity to power the building. The opposite facade allows the air to flow through a series of stages that will produce drinkable water from humidity, (the first building to do so using a new technology called Teex Micron), and air generation for ventilation.

This is the definition of amazing architecture, it doesn’t just look spectacular its also extremely efficient and self sustaining.