Unless you were born today, then you must know what or even have played Fruit Ninja. Now the game makes its debut on Xbox 360 with support of the Kinect motion controls device. The game is released as an arcade game and not as a disc and that makes perfect sense.

The game itself is the exact game with improved graphics over the iPad version. You get the same lovely slicing action and juice all over your screen with the only difference being that you user your hands to slice rather than your fingers. One thing you have to know is that Fruit Ninja is best played with touch controls but the Kinect version is a lot of fun as well.

It might sound strange but it is a lot of exercise and puts more emphasis that you are a ninja trying to slice fruits compared with slicing with fingers. This game extends the fun on another medium but is in no means better, the response of touch will always be more accurate than swinging your hands in mid air, unless you plan on holding katanas in your hands while playing the game.

Moreover, the game’s response is good but not great, navigating menus can be a tough job but you get around it after a few minutes. The game also features split screen multiplayer which is fun but no online mode which is a downer. There is one section in the game where you slice your last fruit, the camera zooms in and gives you a few seconds to slice the same fruit over and over, and let me tell you its a lot of exercise, very fun and make sure one one sees you, after all you are slicing air.

I honestly with all these step backs and the fact that there is nothing new in this game, believe that this game is a must have for Kinect owners and it is only 800 MS points. Keep in mind every arcade game on Xbox can be tried before buying.

The Good:
- Great Graphics
- Fun gameplay.
- Instant Classic.

The Bad:
- Unreasonable Price.
- Slight Lag.
- No Online mode.


*Images taken from IGN.