The world has an infinite amount of creativity within it, so its hard to find something truly original or something really out of the ordinary.

But when I saw this design called “Stitching concrete” by industrial design graduate Florian Schmid, I was genuinely impressed.

The designer uses a new material called Concrete Canvas (a material that was originally developed to create shelters for refugees), which he molds into stools by folding fabric that’s impregnated with cement then drenching it in water.

“It combines the softness of cloth with the stability of concrete … The challenge was to get into the material and bring it from its rawness to something new. Approching trough patterns, origami and stitchings a unique series of stools got born. Waterproof, fireproof, resistant against UV, durable. The fibre reinforcement makes it strong and the cloth gives back a warm atmosphere.”