This game has been out for about 2 weeks or so and I never got around buying it, even though I buy a lot of apps just for their little pretty icons. Zombies and gunships as concepts that have been exhausted over the past year but this game offers something a little different.

You operate an AC-130, you protect a bunker where waves of zombies try to enter it, some civilians walk among them trying to reach the bunker, you must let them live. As you’d expect, you have multiple weapons such as guns and canons each with a single kind that can be upgraded using in game cash.

These upgrades come in handy where you can increase weapon range, speed etc. The cash is earned every time you play and end up dying. This game is a tower defense game with just one level, the graphics are nice and so are the sound effects. The controls work well and the overall game is solid.

The issue with the game is that its longevity value is short, it is a survival game that you play a couple of times and thats pretty much it.

Download universal App ($0.99) approx. 0.270 KD

The Good:
- Solid Gameplay.
- Good Graphics.
- Reasonable price.
- Fun.

The Bad:
- Longevity Value is short
- Just one level
- Camera spins in the worst time possible.