Technology feasts on electricity and a lot of the wireless devices require batteries which is both costly when combined and more batteries means more harm to the environment. Here’s an outstanding product by Singapore-based industrial designer Donn Koh called Renew.

Behind the stylish look, lies a genius functionality, think of it as a battery dispenser, you keep your batteries in it, they charge by sunlight, and let me tell you Kuwait has the best sunlight, the batteries will light up quickly! I love the design and whole idea of the product, it is a solution that does not take anything new but makes things better.

A lot of the devices I used require batteries and I hate when I’m playing Xbox 360 or using Apple’s mouse and they suddenly stop in the worse times ever. This battery charger is a geek’s life saver. Check out the pictures below and also keep an eye on the inspiration of this idea, kids toys and candy, genius.