When it comes to creating spectacular 3D models of cars, Russ Schwenkler is the man for the job. Also Known as dangeruss, Russ has the ability to create such detailed and perfected car models that is generally not seen. He details everything from scratch and he even models the engine.

His love of cars is an obsession, in a good way. His artistic style is diverse and stretches further than just 3D art, he also create graffiti and vector art and are all done beautifully.

What sets Russ apart from other 3D modelers that I have seen out there is the fact that some of his cars are modded, he likes to change things up and apply interesting paint jobs that make the cars look even better. His talent is seen everywhere and if you remember the cover of the game “Forza 3″, apparently that was done by Russ as well. Check out the selected models below and more on his website.