Reckless and getaways are very familiar words used with a lot of apps on the App Store but this game has its different approach. In the game, you drive a yellow car, you have just robbed a bank and your objective is to getaway from the police. Getting away from the police is easy, but you have to collect stars on the road in order to unlock more levels.

While it may seem it’s a matter of running away, on the road itself there are power ups like boosting, jumping, and blast radius which enable you to evade the police briefly. From such a fast paced game you get the idea that crashing is dying, well in this game you can totally wreck the car up to 4 times but that won’t be useful as every wreck removes a star rating slot which gives you one less star to unlock the next level.

The gameplay itself is fun and straight forward, there are 2 control options, the arrows on each end or accelerometer. I really hope they add more options as these don’t take up the power of iOS devices, basically touching. I played a game called Racer on iPhone long ago and they let you control the car by placing your finger on the screen and swipe the direction you want. Anyway, the graphics look good and look better in motion but the music in the game is a bit too repetitive and distracting. So is it worth it? its good but not great.

Download Universal App [$2.99] approx. 0.830KD

The Good:
- Great Physics.
- Fun Gameplay.
- Good Graphics.
- Varied environments.

The Bad:
- Annoying Sound effects and music.
- Few power-ups
- Only one car.