I’ve been playing From Dust for some time now and I have to say it was a very unique experience. The game is developed for Xbox Live Arcade by Ubisoft and it was designed by Eric Chahi. If find it hard to explain what the game is or how to play but I’m going to try my best that is because it is totally unique.

Basically you are a spirit in the game controlling the terrain around you and guiding tribes to the right path. Each level consists of disasters, such as volcanos, tsunamis, rain etc. Your objective in the game is to make the land sustainable where tribes can happily live in them.

Each level starts you with a tribe, there are a set of bases that you must capture using your tribe, some are easy and some are harder. Getting to control the bases is easy, maintaining them is the harder part. The game lets you deform the terrain pull sand and place it elsewhere, use lava, water, and everything in the environment to protect the tribes. The missions are accomplished when all bases are captured and then a portal will open taking you to the next level. Abilities given to you are limited at first, each base you capture gives you further abilities like freezing water, putting out fire, raise ground, etc.

It is really hard to understand the game without actually playing it. That said, I found the game to be very entertaining and the graphics were amazing considering it is an arcade game. While the game might seem as very straight forward, it takes skill and time to actually realize how good it is. The game’s levels are varied and the the sounds in the game are very interesting and fitting. All in all, From Dust is a truly unique experience and definitely worth checking out.

The Good:
- Great Graphics.
- Amazing Gameplay.
- Good Sound.
- Challenging.
- Fun.

The Bad:
- Can be frustrating towards the end of the game.
- Needs more depth, more things to do.