Back when I was at college, a few years back I kept hearing about the long awaited unified Kuwait University that houses all colleges into a single location. If you are located in Kuwait then you’re already familiar on how Kuwait is such a little country and colleges of Kuwait university are scattered all over. I don’t know why would anyone want a university and all of its colleges to be in one place knowing it would result in something so bustling like an airport.

Anyway, I’m highlighting one of the more interesting colleges to open as part of the big project taking place in Shdadiya, Kuwait. Here is the College of Arts with such a fine and open design. The open space inside the college creates a refreshing look on a very good looking building.The interior features vertical plantations and all levels overlook the others creating a shopping center feeling not usually found in our local colleges.

The creators of this design are Perkins + Will  and they suggest that their main inspiration of this design comes from the deep culture of Kuwait and most of the architecture on this building is influenced by the traditional tents and dewania’s (gatherings).