There is nothing more creative or more engaging than a child’s imagination. In Japan, they know how to nurture that creativity by creating one of the greatest kindergartens in the world the Montessori School Fuji Kindergarten.

The kindergarten was designed in the shape of a oval with a perimeter of 183m, made for 500 children. The interior is an integrated space softly partitioned with furniture. Projecting through the roof deck are three preserved 25m zelkova trees.

A recent addition to the already amazing construction is the “Ring Around a Tree”, that consists of a wood and glass volume spiraling upward, enveloping a Japanese Zelkova tree, which has an interesting story.

The Zelkova tree was planted 50 years ago and it was hit by a typhoon and almost uprooted but still managed to survive. Elders remember this Zelkova as the only tree to be used by children for climbing and games even before a kindergarten ever existed.

Project: Montessori School Fuji Kindergarten
Design: Tezuka Architects
Constructor: Takenaka Corporation
Location: Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan
Area: 4791.69m2
Photographs : Katsuhisa Kida