We’ve seen this coming, one of all time favorite games of iOS devices is making a comeback with a solid sequel. So how do you go about making an already great game even better? if it’s not broke then don’t fix it and thankfully the developers haven’t ruined it. Instead of making a true sequel where things change, the developers decided to improve the new game allowing people to enjoy both games and not have one superior over the other.

Story-wise the game has the little alien in a box, but this time he is adopted by a scientist and that makes a a lot of sense as he experiments on him. The addition of the scientist adds to the experience as he speaks from time to time making the game more engaging. The game as you’d expect has one of the best artistic designs and sound effects.

So one thing remains which is the gameplay and rest assured, this game does well. You have the same basis of the original, having you cut ropes and feed candy to the little alien but levels get new features like shooting guns that shoot rope, bouncing platforms, suction pumps and etc. A lot of the new features require precision and timing is crucial. The thing is, being the puzzle game it is, this game never frustrates me, yes I might have a dozen trial and errors but that little alien just makes it up for me. So should you get it? of course.

One way to further enhance the game is perhaps by adding a level editor and of course some sharing capabilities, this game is already a classic though.

Download iPad version ($1.99) approx. 0.540 KD
Download iPhone version ($0.99) approx. 0.270 KD

The Good:
- Amazing new gameplay elements.
- Variety of levels.
- Great design and sound.
- Long reply-value.

The Bad:
- Could use more new elements or game modes.